Life Cover

Death is a terrible event and unfortunately something that everyone will have to experience at some time or another and having life cover in place can help. If life cover were to be taken care of as a pre-cautionary measure, a lot of unnecessary pain and anguish can be avoided so that our family members can grieve appropriately.

Providing life cover for yourself and your partner comes at a very minimal cost, thus allowing you to ensure that your family members can grieve in peace. At Broker Advice we do not want to see you in a difficult financial situation that could have been avoided, which is why we encourage you to take out a simple life cover policy. This will ensure that your partner does not have the additional burden of paying a mortgage without any help, which could force them to abandon their lifestyle in order to cater for these expenses.

The competitive and comprehensive products that we will offer you come from a selection of the UK’s top insurance providers, with names including Zurich, Aviva, AIG, Liverpool Victoria, Legal & General and others. Their policies aim to compensate with a guaranteed sum of money if the covered person should die or is diagnosed with a terminal illness and can claim during the term of the policy.

Critical Illness

A critical illness can affect anyone and if you are prepared for such circumstances then you can focus on your recovery rather than worrying about what will happen to your financial situation. Critical illness cover is there to protect you from losing out in such circumstances, by providing financial security during these hard times. This money is there to either help with your mortgage, to fund a getaway in order to aid recovery or to help with bills. Whatever the purpose of the money, a critical illness payment can be of great help to you at these times, alleviating your worries.
And how will you know if you’re covered? Lenders of critical illness cover will outline the list of illnesses that are covered in their policy, so that you are fully informed from the outset of the agreement. A pay-out will then be subject to compliance with the original scheme. Special terms and conditions may apply if the applicant has a long-standing illness, however all such things will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation.

Income Protection

If for some reason your wages cease, what would you do? Life, bills and mortgage payments aren’t going to wait for you to catch up, they will continue to demand your attention.
Luckily for you, if you take out income protection you can avoid any unpleasant demands and get back on track with great ease. If you are unable to work due to an accident or illness then an income protection can potentially replace your income until you return to work or reach retirement. This means that the monthly mortgage payment, council tax and other essential bills can be maintained throughout your period of illness meaning that you can recover without the need for financial stress.

Buildings and Contents

A good buildings and contents insurance policy is crucial to protecting your home and belongings. Unfortunately, many people do not value the importance of this type of policy until it is too late, which is why we are making it known now because if you have no current claims to make then it is time to attain a great buildings and contents scheme.
The most commonly occurring problem that applicants tend to make is placing an incorrect value on their possessions which then leads to difficulties in making claims. At Broker Advice we understand that for you, sifting through the 100’s of different policies can be a laborious and boring task. However, this is something that we do on a daily basis and so we can steer you clear of inadequate cover and push you in the direction of a great deal.

Private medical Insurance

Private medical insurance - is a policy where regular payments can be used to cover any medical treatment you may need in the future, whenever you need it – including that potentially life-saving quicker diagnosis.

Private medical insurance helps you forgo long waiting times for appointments, treatment and operations, saving you from discomfort and prolonged illness or injury. Hospital facilities are generally better with private health care, meaning you will be comfortable during a challenging time. In many cases, you will also have a choice around the time, date and place of any appointments, meaning your treatment or check-ups can fit around your life. Private medical insurance gives you not only peace of mind, but also a level of control over your health.

Another benefit is that policies don’t need to be fixed – you can increase or decrease your cover and premium depending on your needs.

However, it is important to remember that not everything will be covered by private medical insurance – visits to Accident & Emergency, cosmetic surgery and even pregnancy generally aren’t covered. Plus, some lower-cost policies won’t cover existing medical conditions immediately.

Deciding on your private medical insurance can depend on a variety of factors. Needing family cover rather than individual policy, cover for travelling abroad and even your age can contribute to higher premiums. This can be worth it for the knowledge that if anything were to happen, both you and your family would have any necessary treatment covered.

It is clear that there is a lot to consider with private health insurance and Broker advice Limited is here to help, contact us for more information.

Business Insurance

Business protection insurance will pay out a pre-agreed sum of money for your company should one of the key members of the organisation either die or become seriously ill. It is a key way of protecting against the unexpected and reassuring your staff that you truly care about them in the long-term.

No matter what the size of your company, business protection insurance can be crucial to continuing success should you need to carry on without a fundamental partner. There are a number of different policy options; some covering a key individual, life cover for your staff or to financially secure the business for the future. You can choose the level of coverage, how long the policy will last and how you want payment to be distributed – either in annual arrears or a one off tax-free lump sum. A variety of factors will contribute to the cost of your cover – the age of key people, the number of employees and the size of business.

If there is one thing we can all agree on it is this; the most important part of any business is its people. Our business protection insurance policies allow you to protect the people who deserve it most. Our financial experts have years of experience helping companies find the best-value option for their needs, and will take considerable time asking all the right questions to ensure they can find a variety of policies to discuss with you.

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