Short term Bridging Loans

What is short term bridging loans?
Short term bridging loans were created for those on the property buying journey, providing an extra cushion of security in between selling your current home and buying your new one. Financially, this is a period that could be stressful for your family – a short term bridging loan can relieve some of the worry.
This kind of loan is also useful for those interested in property development, allowing you to buy, turn around and sell a home more quickly. Short term bridging loans can be fixed – the same amount of interest every month - or variable – where payments change – depending on what is best for you.
There are typically two types of policy – open-bridge and closed-bridge. Closed bridge is when there is an identifiable point where the loan will be paid back – open bridge is much more risky as there is no such date.
The policy you can get depends on a number of factors – the size of your current property, the security available and your income. It is also important to note that there are high interest rates and some fees involved with these loans, and so they are not for everyone.
Broker advice Limited has extensive experience in the field, and can help you find the loan you need. Based on the information you provide for us, we will always aim to ensure you’re making the smartest financial decisions, and always explain this to be easily understood.

Investment Properties

What are investment properties?
Whether you are a seasoned investor, have found the perfect property or simply want to get involved with this exciting industry, investment properties could be your perfect solution.
There are clear benefits to investing in property, from charging rent as a landlord to selling the development for profit. Involvement can take many forms, from buy-to let to property funding – how you decide to proceed is entirely up to you.
Our financial experts will sit down to have a chat about your ambitions in property investment, what type of property you would like to invest in and also your current financial situation. Your personal broker will then extensively research your options, utilising our key relationships with the largest banks to get you a great deal. Any options will be explained in simple language and there is a dedicated customer hotline for any additional queries you may have.
We want to help you build your future through investment – our personalised service will ensure you can reach your goals.

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